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Sport Science: Kevin Love – World Record Shot

Kevin Love attempts to beat the world record shot.


20 thoughts on “Sport Science: Kevin Love – World Record Shot

  1. Mohamed Ciiro says:

    they copy dude perfect

  2. SKUL GRESS says:

    it's a good shot ever

  3. Carlos Martinez says:

    What about dude perfect

  4. John Espino (JoBeatzGT) says:


  5. Lockss says:

    but can you beat dude perfect

  6. Jaisean Harris says:

    2words leBron James

  7. Michael Rahhal says:

    This Is Bull Shit, Does anyone else notice that Berry Darrens shot? He had 1 try, was in an nba game, and didn't run like 15 feet before shooting. BULLSHIT

  8. chefcurryswag-games Jay says:

    full court most impossible shot cuz i was so close on one one time

  9. Matt Bastin says:

    But he is white

  10. Tony Fuimaono says:

    What about Lebron James he threw a full court shot like a baseball with out a run up and was on film

  11. mark hanson says:

    i made it at 84 feet multiple times, wtf is this. 90 feet isn't even far!!! its only 30yards. total bullshit

  12. Ryan Galanis says:

    So did dude perfects shots not count ?

  13. Jonathan Wong says:

    say baron davis one more time kevin love showed him history

  14. andrew mcbryant jordan says:

    Steph Curry can do that shit all day long :D

  15. Zeke McCarty says:

    The only problem is, Baron Davis' shot was contested, his wasn't.

  16. ChunkierBug says:


  17. Marc Somadjaja says:

    If I'm not wrong, doesn't dude perfect do full court shots??

  18. Marc Somadjaja says:

    Really, the world breaking shot is so much harder then the attempt. In the match, you will get pressured and will be really hard to be able to score a 3/4 court shot. Although in practice shots no pressure means easy.

  19. WhalesAre Chill says:

    He tried to get it like a bitch while the other guy did tried it once

  20. WhalesAre Chill says:

    Doesn't count

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