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Celtic Music – The Forest Of Wonders (Feat. Macarena Martin) –

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HERE IT IS ! One year ago I said “I will do a remake of this song” and here it is ! 🙂 But this time not featuring the beautiful voice of my friend Olivia Kennett, but the wonderful voice of the spanish singer : Macarena MARTIN.

I was so exited to make this collaboration with her because I love her voice, she’s an amazing singer.

you can check out her youtube channel here :

And that’s not all, I was helped for the vocal mixing by an amazing composer called Andrés Campuzano wich is the composer of a project called “An Danzza”. if you like celtic music you should DEFINITELY check out his works because it’s wonderful !

An Danzza Youtube Channel :


Lyrics (by Olivia Kennett)

When the sun goes down
As the world falls asleep
Taken By Curiosity
I behold the forest so deep

I hear calling of owls
The wind as it howls
the last song of the birds till dawn
to this, I’m most drawn

Into a world of mystery
I journey on embraced by the breeze
My only guide be the fireflies
and their power to mesmerize

The spirits of trees
The magnificent canopies
Draped in Growing vines
one by one they intertwine

I hear the gentle strum of a lute
mixed with the rush of the water shoot
Losing all conciousness of time
discovering a new sublime

Out of mist the entitites take flight
Forming a cluster of colour and light
Harvesting Honey and acorns for their Kin
Twinkling, as they dance on the wind


Song composed by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream
All rights reserved – 2013 –

NOTE: I have no information concerning the artist of the picture, found on a free wallpaper site. All images belong to their owners. No copyright infringement.

Libraries used in this song :

– ERA Medieval Legends
– EWQL Hollywood Strings
– EWQL Hollywood Brass
– EWQL Stormdrum 2
– EWQL Ministry Of Rock 2
– SOUNDIRON Requiem Light
– Halion (Cubase 6.5 Library)

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20 thoughts on “Celtic Music – The Forest Of Wonders (Feat. Macarena Martin) –

  1. Jo Faith Lazo says:

    accent is celtic enough… love the British accent!

  2. Giasemi Iordania says:

    Heh 666 people likes this xD

  3. Saige Thompson says:

    love this song so much i cryed :)

  4. Hervé Lakotatashunka says:

    Touching heart and soul so deeply. 

  5. Knight Saber says:

    I love to listen to this music especially while i'm doing school work. Tests have proven that studying while listening to music actually increases your overall performance. Give it a try. : )

  6. Karishma Changlani (LearningSpanish) says:

    This is by far my favorite from you <3 <3 And that's saying a lot because I love your compositions so much :D

  7. ㄴㅅㄷ (igjug9813) says:

    Celtic Music – The Forest Of Wonders (Feat. Macarena Martin) -: https://youtu.be/7cxNV2rWJTU

  8. Une Production GG says:

    Dude I love your music… you're awsome bro

  9. Charles Dang says:

    BTW, where can I buy this? I looked on iTunes, but all your albums just have the instrumental version. :(

  10. Charles Dang says:

    Amazing…simply amazing…

  11. LordBloodpool says:

    Macarena's voice… I don't think you could have chosen anyone better for this particular song. I love how her accent sounds! 

    You know, I'd be interested to hear more pieces from you with vocals. Heck! You could even do an entire set of songs, with different singers from around the world… I think that could be a really neat thing. I've always found it so interesting how different accents can change a song so significantly!

  12. Macarena granda lozada says:

    Wow! I CAN BELIEVE THIS… this is amazing!

  13. Critdizzle says:

    I like the percussion and miss Martin's vocals on this, kinda makes me want to get up and move. Any suggestions for a dance…? >_>

  14. Dominique Beschon says:

    J'adore c'est magnifique!…

  15. Serpentarrius says:

    Have you made a karaoke version of this song (for those of us who can't resist singing along, even if we can never be just as good as the original singers)?

  16. Lay Lan says:

    I adore her voice!

  17. Félix Piédallu (Salamandar) says:

    Elle est devenue ma préférée de tes compos… Bravo à vous deux !

  18. Nikita Kakorin says:

    I love that you are remaking a lot of your older songs. They only get better. Keep up the awesome work.

  19. richter_h says:


  20. Dennise Lee says:

    First Celtic song I actually like with vocals 😀 amazing!

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