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BIGGEST Fish in the World and Largest SHARK

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The Top 10 Largest Fish in the World

Number 10: Beluga Sturgeon

Female beluga sturgeon are hunted for their roe (eggs), beluga caviar. The beluga caviar is the most expensive type of caviar, commanding ,000+ per pound.The population has been declining due to overfishing and poaching. The beluga sturgeon is considered critically endangered and the U.S. has a ban on the import of beluga caviar.

Number 9: Mekong Giant Catfish

A huge species of catfish that are classified as being critically endangered. They are the largest freshwater fish. Found in Southeast Asia and China. They can weigh over 700 lbs and exceed 7 ft in length.

Number 8: Pirarucu

The pirarucu is an ancient fish that resides primarily in the rivers of the Amazon. It can grow to 10 ft in length and 450 lbs. The pirarucu is known for its ability to crush prey with its tongue. Pirarucu tongues are quite valuable to the people of the Amazon as they use them as graters due to the hundreds of small teeth covering the tongue.

Number 7: Giant Cambodian Stingray

This bottom-dweller can get to 6 ft and over 1200 lbs. It is native to Indochina and Borneo. It has been overfished for its meat and is now considered endangered. This particular species of stingray is not aggressive and therefore highly sought after for aquariums.

Number 6: Swordfish

The largest swordfish reported was 14.9 ft and 1,400 lbs. The average swordfish is around 9 ft in length with the females almost always being larger than their male counterparts. They are found in the tropical parts of the, Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans.

Number 5: Atlantic Blue Marlin

The blue marlin’s only natural enemy is man. They are endangered due to overfishing by trophy hunters. The blue marlin can reach 1800 lbs and 16 ft in length.

Number 4: Ocean Sunfish

With an average weight of 2200 lbs the ocean sunfish comes in at #4. They look like a giant fish head and are round, like the shape of a sun, with a very thin body.

Number 3: Great White Shark

21 ft in length and over 7,000 lbs the great white shark is the 3rd largest fish in the world. They are found in coastal waters all around the world with water temperatures that remain consistently between 55-75 degree fahrenheit.

Number 2: Basking Shark

The basking shark will reach about 26 ft in length by the time they reach adulthood. They are considered vulnerable as they are a slow swimming fish that make them easy targets for commercial fisherman. Basking sharks filter their food by sticking out their bottom jaw and allowing food to pass thru their teeth, this process is called filter-feeding.

Number 1:

The largest documented specimen of whale shark was 41 ft and 47,000 lbs. Whale sharks are found in tropical oceans and they can live up to 70 years old. They have 300 rows of teeth, and like the basking shark, they are filter-feeders. Plankton and small fish are the main foods on the whale shark’s menu. Whale sharks are also very friendly, easy-going fish, and often allow swimmers to hitch a ride on them.

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