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3 Freaky Video Clips/Found Footage

3 Freaky Video Clips/Found Footage

Whether these clips are genuine or not, you have to admit they are creepy.


20 thoughts on “3 Freaky Video Clips/Found Footage

  1. sumit yadav says:


  2. DaPearArmy FTW says:

    I would have shot him

  3. Anime Aviator says:

    Crush her ass get yo money back.

  4. al145 says:

    nope nope nope nope nope

  5. Tate Cook (TLC) says:

    last one looked like she was on crack or something.

  6. daniel stjernkvist says:


  7. Amber Shotter says:

    now clip 2…what happened? i expected him to magically appear in the room with the dudes on the phone

  8. Amber Shotter says:

    clip 1; im trying to figure it out…goat man? do you have a different source for it, perhaps a longer clip? i mean i can't say for sure but i would try to focus on the creature so i look more legit but it seems to be a college film or a prank

  9. Brian SUmler says:

    all of these are fake lol. dorks

  10. charlie mundae says:

    this was very disappointing.. fake as shit

  11. Guy Fieri's Biggest Fan says:

    so who opened the gates to Oblivion?

  12. Grant Keyton says:

    #3 was fake cuz the audio was cleary just a sheep and a lam…..i live on a famr deal wit it

  13. John Bogacz says:

    don't bother waste of time.

  14. Jéssica Nogueira says:

    should i be scared!? cuz didn't work -_- ?

  15. PzychoMantis90 says:

    Holy shit that is Kelsey!

  16. redneckgamer2013 says:


  17. flashmanfred says:

    "my address is fuck street"

  18. S u p e r M e a t b a l l says:


  19. jas22 says:

    does something happen in #2? It seems the guy loses his balance. does the person in the alley move ?

  20. Mark Gentile says:

    creepy s*** man

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